"I was born in Northern California to trailer dwelling bohemians," says musician/composer Rob Powell.  He started working with Green TV in 1988, when he was called in to play a guitar on a music session for The Forest Through the Trees.  They liked his work so much, they've never looked elsewhere for a composer.   "If its got a neck and strings, Rob can play it," says Frank Green. "He's a virtuoso guitarist:  steel, slide, electric, country, African beat . . .   his guitar's many voices offer a great range of evocative sounds."

Rob wrote the score for El Dorado and composed music for several of Green TV's commissioned projects. "Its been an amazing collaboration that keeps getting stronger. Working with filmmakers adds another dimension to the visual and the story to music that opens it up, "says Rob.

Most recently, with the collaboration of his Clothesline Revival band mate Conrad Praetzel and some inspired input from Jim McKee, Rob completed the music score for Counting Sheep.

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