A ten-minute DVD bundled with Counting Sheep

This excerpt from In the Shadow of White Mountain, an award-winning documentary about North America’s loftiest biological field station, explores another facet of the work of biologist John Wehausen, one of the main characters in Counting Sheep. In a classroom setting, this additional DVD supplements the Counting Sheep DVD with additional detail about the science behind Dr. Wehausen’s studies.

As a research scientist at the University of California’s White Mountain Research Station, Dr. Wehausen employs modern molecular genetics to gather subtle but crucial information about the sheep populations to aid their recovery. This in-depth look at John’s research documents the noninvasive field and lab techniques he uses to extract and amplify sheep DNA. The film shows how he uses the information to understand the population biology of the sheep. The DVD answers a compelling question about the nature of change in this ecosystem.

The award-winning documentary In the Shadow of White Mountain takes a look behind the scenes at the University of California's White Mountain Research Station –– a biological field station that provides both the highest research lab and the highest Internet node in North America.

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