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   California's redwood forests are being threatened now!  Humboldt County's Pacific Lumber Company is cutting down the state's most pristine, primeval old growth redwood forest. Headwaters Forest is currently a topic of national concern and attention.

   In Mendocino County where old-growth redwoods are long gone, multinational timber giant Louisiana Pacific is provoking a storm of outrage by converting its vast redwood forests to fiber plantations.

  Are timber companies allowed to do whatever they want with the redwood trees on their land?

  This award winning documentary, two years in the making , takes a compelling look at the people whose lives are affected by them.


"Highly recommended.  Editor's Choice. This is the great achievement of The Forest Through the Trees: it provides several different angles on the subject and asks viewers to think, rather than trying to persuade them to judge."

Editor's Choice,
The Video Librarian

"With sincerity and urgency, this documentary weighs a lumber company's right to intensively cut its privately held stands of ancient redwood trees... against the public's need to protect a priceless ecological resource. A searing alert to a crisis pitting the environment against economics."

Booklist, American Library Association


National Educational Film and Video Festival: Special Jury Award

CINE Competition:  Golden Eagle

Chicago International Film Festival:  Gold Plaque

National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Northern ...California Chapter:  Emmy Nomination for Camera work

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