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     Green TV Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 video production company dedicated to making films about people and their relationships to the environment. All Green TV productions are funded by a combination of foundation grants and private donations. Some of the foundation support for our current project has come from The Compton Foundation, Strong Foundation, and the Richard & Rhoda Goldman Fund.

Thanks for donations of great equipment from:




A large portion of our funding comes from individual donors giving from $5.00 to $20,000.  Over 200 individual donors helped us complete El Dorado. Donations are always welcome and are fully tax deductible. Current donations will help to complete Counting Sheep, our work-in-progress.

What your help means to us:  

$25 will buy an hour of videotape stock.
$50 will pay for entry in one film festival.
$150 will feed our film crew for a week at 12,000 ft in the Sierras.
         (they get hungry chasing sheep!)
$250 will buy 50 VHS videocassettes to distribute to schools.
$500 will pay for production and printing costs of a teachers guide.

 They hauled food, water, and heavy television equipment over the toughest mountain passes in the Sierra Nevada. Profound thanks to the strong backs, sharp eyes and good humor of these intrepid volunteers. We couldn't make Counting Sheep without you!

David Anderson
Christopher Barrington-Leigh
Karl Chang
Dennis O. Clegg
Michael Evenson
John Feder
Buff Harding, Jr.
Mike Ignatius
Matt Johansen
Mark Liebman
Esther Mecking
Jay Pape
Rick Pepper
Mark Peterman
Paul Rauber
Peter B. Smith
Liz Spencer
Andrew Tomlinson



A weary Mike Ignatius,
Green TV human mule
on Wheeler Ridge.


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