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"In the heat and passion of political controversy, it is all too easy to dismiss our opponents as stupid or evil or both. El Dorado helps remind us that reality is more complex, and that often our opponents can be as caring and smart as we are, yet still see the world differently."

Barry Wasserman, Mayor of Placerville,
El Dorado County


Logging Truck

     Filmmaker and journalist Frank Green followed this story of a community in conflict in the Sierra Nevada foothills for four years. The film takes an unusually unbiased look at four local residents, two timber workers and two environmentalists, as they try to balance the health of the Eldorado National Forest with the jobs of the workers who depend on it. By humanizing all the characters in the film, it shows a profound respect for both sides of this extremely volatile issue.

      El Dorado is more than an "environmental film". It is about America; about dislocation and downsizing, about anger, about activism and ultimately about the human ability to solve problems. It will lead the audience to a greater understanding of the struggle that people in every part of America are facing as a result of changes in the economy.

"El Dorado is an insightful, intelligent story of the Sierra ...a Western where there are no bad guys, just people struggling to do what's right for the environment and for their families.  A remarkable, passionate new effort by filmmaker Frank Green ... and the best film to date on the Sierra Nevada"

Noah Nelson
NBC News

"This film by Frank Green has brought the struggles over the protection of natural resources in the Sierra Nevada to the personal, the private, the human scale ... El Dorado takes an unblinking look at the tension and upheaval created in one community over changing land use. It presents the personal sacrifices and the hope for the future that eventually can spring from bitter conflict.  Students, activists, legislators, and the public can learn from this film about the incredible beauty of this mountain range and how people work to define its future and their own."

Don Erman
Center for Water and Wildland Resources
University of California Davis

"An excellent portrayal of the global economic forces that are splitting resource based communities along cultural lines."

Jeff Debonis  
Executive Director,
Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility

narrated by  
Mary Steenburgen  

Mary Steenburgen



1997 Cine Golden Eagle

1997 Best Film on Mountain Environment, Banff Festival of Mt. Film

1997 Best Documentary, Canyonlands Film & Video Festival  

1996 Joey Award, Best Documentary  (San Jose Film Commission)

1996 Finalist, National Telly Awards, Best Television Documentary


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