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Half Dome Panorama

Green TV, Inc. has stock footage available on Beta SP stock.  Stock footage includes; Northern California endangered species (some never before captured by the camera), general wildlife, plants and botany, mountain recreation, mountain scenery as well as all aspects of the timber industry.

Index: Amphibians, Birds, Fish, Insects, Mammals, Plants & Botany, Rivers, Lakes & Water, High Sierra, The Timber Industry, Clearcutting, Sawmills, Forest Fires, Air Pollution, Wildlife Biologists, Recreation 
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Foothill Yellow-Legged Frog
Sierra Nevada: Mating, egg masses. 

Yosemite Toad
Sierra Nevada: Mating, egg masses. 

North Coast: Olympic Salamander in creek. 
Giant Pacific Salamander close-up, eating Banana Slug. 

Tailed Frog
Ancient Redwood Forest: Individuals and pairs in stream and wet creekside habitat

Location Shot

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American Avocets
Eastern Sierra Nevada: Flying, swimming, feeding
on lake, close-ups. 
Owens Lake: In flight, swimming. 
Sierra Nevada: In flight, in tree, on telephone
pole with raven. 
Marbled Murrelet
Humboldt Bay: Individuals and pairs feeding in coastal
waters, and in flight. 
Northern Spotted Owl
Ancient Redwood Forest: Vocalizations, male
catching and eating mouse, close-ups.
North Coast: Flying to nest carrying branch. 
Sierra Nevada: In snow.
Various locations: In flight.
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Salmon Fingerlings
North Coast: In stream. 
Eastern Sierra Nevada: Dying in drying-out lake bed,
jumping out of water, close-ups. 
Muir Woods
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Ancient Redwood Forest: Crawling in vegetation, on tree trunk, hanging and swirling around stem, carcasses in clearcut. 
Damsel Flies
North Coast: Mating on rock in stream.
North Coast: On rock in stream. 
Eastern Sierra Nevada: Mating. 
Creek Invertebrates
Various locations: In web over stream, moving on water surface, close-ups.
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Sierra Bighorn Sheep
Eastern Sierra Nevada: Rams rutting and jousting, herd of ewes grazing in snowstorm. 
Mule Deer
Various locations: Herd walking, running in meadow, grazing in snow, close-ups.
Roosevelt Elk
North Coast and Sierra Nevada: Grazing in grass, close-ups.
Northern Flying Squirrel
In old growth forest, gliding, eating,climbing. 
Pine Marten
In log pile
Grizzly Island Estuary
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Old growth forest floor
Closeups include mushrooms, lichen, oxalis, etc. 
Fragile mountain plants in the high Sierra.
Spring meadows in full bloom Wildflowers in bloom next to a rushing stream.
Young pine saplings being planted after fire devastated a forest. Field biologists hunting for truffles. 
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Beauty shots of lakes and small camp in the high Sierra in mid-winter. Various footage throughout the seasons of California's most wild and natural rivers. Includes the American, Clavey, Eel, Tule and several others.
White water rafting and kayaking. Owens Valley and the dry Owens lake bed. Also includes footage of Los Angeles Aqueduct and the stagnant Owens River.
Various high Sierra glacial pools with dramatic mountain peaks reflected in rushing streams and melting snowpack. Various aerial footage both from hot air balloons and helicopters of several major wild rivers in California
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Location in Snow
Jagged, snowcapped peaks in a snowstorm.
Dramatic cold front clouds sweeping over mountain spires.
Mirrored surfaces of the high alpine glacial pools and the reflections of the Sierra.
Sunrises and sunsets
Morning mist rolling over snowy peaks. Alpine junipers with dramatic rocky peaks in the background. 
Temperate Forest & Mountain Foothills
Comprehensive coverage of the entire Sierra Nevada range from North to South featuring sunlit peaks, dense forested mountains and distant long shots.  Autumn scenics of Sierra Mountains with lakes and golden fall meadows.
Late afternoon panoramic of entire mountain ranges. Sunrises with heavy mist.
Footage following the course of rain and snowstorms. Aerial footage of all mentioned above.
High Mountain Desert  Full coverage of the Owens Valley in the semi- arid desert of western California.
Dry and cracked mud floor of a dead lake bed.  Various footage of hardy desert plant life.
Dust storms and flurries as they whip across the dry lake bed. Footage showing the formation of rippled sand dunes
Sunrises/sunsets with desert landscapes and the snowcapped Sierras as a backdrop. Lowland Coastal Temperate Forest & Old-Growth Ancient Forest 
Virgin old-growth redwood and pine/fir groves showing immense size and grandeur of these forest giants. Close-ups of the forest floor showing decaying logs, fungus, lichen mushrooms and related plant life.
 Hot air balloon coverage featuring footage skimming the tops of trees and helicopter aerials over tree- covered mountains. 
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Coverage of all aspects of logging operations including footage of :
Tree identification, measuring and marking for future harvest.  Falling trees.
Helicopter logging operations with footage of log decks, landings, bucking and choking logs, helicopters picking up and dropping off loads, skidders and bulldozers pulling logs, trucks being loaded, crews of loggers at work and aerial footage of these operations.
Conventional logging operations featuring cable yarding, bulldozers and yarding.  Small alternative logging operations practicing sustainable harvesting methods. 
Machinery used in logging operations and the maintenance of this machinery.  Fully loaded logging trucks driving through both narrow forest roads and urban areas on route to the mill. 
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Heavily logged and clearcut areas in various conifer forests within the Sierra Nevada and coastal ranges.  A broad field of massive stumps
Logging slash in open clearcut. Disturbed plant life, spoiled water systems and soil erosion. 
Extensive aerial footage showing the widespread destruction including: snaking mazes of logging roads in a cleared forest, boundaries of clearcut forest and protected lands and mile after mile of clearcut mountain and forest lands.
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Large corporate and private companies of California.  Exteriors of working lumber yards with logging trucks, forklifts, massive log and lumber decks and bustling heavy equipment.
Interiors of working sawmills with footage following the entire process of converting raw saw logs into lumber. 

San Francisco Bay

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Skiers at major western ski resorts. Winter mountaineering after a heavy snowstorm. Hiking in the High Sierras with snow covered peaks as a backdrop. 
White water rafting and kayaking on Sierra Nevada rivers.  Hiking in the High Sierra with glacial snow melt pools and melting snowpack. 
Mountain and forest backpacking.  Family swimming at river swimming hole. 
Trail riding on horses through Sierra foothills.  Mountain biking on forest trail. 
Hot air balloon rides over Sierra foothills. 
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Aerials of burned and logged forest areas.  Coverage from ground of the aftermath of a forest fire
People replanting saplings.
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Aerial footage of smoggy and polluted air systems over several California counties.  Air pollution monitoring systems in the field.
Dust storms on drained lake beds.  Gridlock and congested traffic in several California towns. 
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A diverse array of footage with biologists and environmental issue specialists both at work in the field and in interviews.  Monitoring fish invertebrate populations in streams and rivers. 
Tracking, monitoring and trapping wildlife with baited smoke plates, homing transmitters, voice calls and various other techniques. Looking for and monitoring Bighorn sheep on rocky cliffs.
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