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Frank shot his first film in 1976 in Thailand. Tongpan, a feature documentary story of a farmer whose land was flooded by a hydroelectric dam. About the paradoxes of rural development, it was essentially an "environmental film," before there was such a category. Frank lived and worked in Southeast Asia for ten years at the end of the Vietnam War, making documentary films, shooting news events and traveling widely in the region.

In the early 1980's he was hired by NBC News to open a bureau in Seoul, and was the first American broadcast journalist stationed in peace-time South Korea. Subsequently he worked as a staff producer for NBC Nightly News on the West Coast. Frank's background as a newsman is reflected in his current documentary film work, which leans more toward journalism than advocacy. Since leaving network television in 1986, he has been independently producing and shooting documentary films for broadcast and classrooms. His resume has more detailed information about Frank's career.

Frank Green
Director/Camera and Producer 

Frank Green


   Office Manager

Jeanne runs our office, keeps our books and does anything and everything else at Green TV. You may contact her for information on video sales, billing, stock footage, to book a crew or for anything else you may need. Her email is

  Production Manager


When it comes to crosswords, he's good. When it comes to video production, he's very good. When it comes to surfing, well, he's still learning. If you'd like to learn more about our production services, from shooting to editing, call or email Roger ( Ask him to explain why he's hugging a big table leg in the middle of the desert.


Assistant editor   
Angela is using Green TV's digital non-linear editing system, and Apple's Final Cut Pro software, to work on Counting Sheep. She is logging and digitizing forty hours (and counting) of raw material, shot by shot.  Angela has our respect and admiration for undertaking this critical task with constant good humor.  Angie you rock.

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